Who We Are

BusinessBuilder, LLC is a premier design and marketing agency based in Helena, Montana dedicated to empowering business owners and managers to enhance their online presence and drive customer growth and retention.

Established in 2005, the company has a strong focus on supporting small Montana businesses for the past 20 years in web design, WordPress Development, and online digital marketing.

Our Mission

At Mr. BusinessBuilder, our mission is to empower businesses owners with the tools, strategies, and creative solutions they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Our Vision

Our commitment to providing personalized, results-driven services ensures that each client receives tailored strategies that resonate with their unique brand identity and goals.

Discover the Mr. BusinessBuilder Difference

At Mr. BusinessBuilder, we take pride in offering an extensive array of services specifically designed to empower business owners and managers. 

Our goal is to help you establish a strong online presence that not only encourages customer growth but also fosters long-term customer retention.


We bring innovative and original ideas to the table, ensuring your project stands out


We tailor every solution to fit the unique needs and goals of your business, ensuring a personalized experience.


We work swiftly and effectively, valuing your time and delivering results promptly.


We bring years of successful projects to your service, offering peace of mind and reliability.


We are committed to meeting deadlines and exceeding your expectations, ensuring you can count on us.


We ensure that all web designs and content are optimized for search engines, enhancing your online visibility.

Voices of Our Clients

Expressions of Progress and Achievement

Mr. BusinessBuilder was hired for the marketing function for St. Timothy’s Summer Music Festival. We were three months behind schedule and Mr. Rowan jumped in and saved the 2023 concert series. He worked on website redesign and maintenance and completed media buys to promote the five concerts of the summer. Mr. Rowan is professional, helpful, courteous, and prompt. We were fortunate to find someone with his knowledge and expertise.
Connie Fitzpatrick
St. Timothy Board Member
Mr. BusinessBuilder has been a marketing cornerstone in supporting our business at Fox Ridge Golf Course and Red Fox Supper Club for over 15 years. Their expertise in website creation and commitment to providing unlimited updates have been invaluable. What stands out the most is their responsiveness; whenever we call, our requests are handled quickly and accurately.
Floyd Hoff, Jr.
Fox Ridge Golf Course & Red Fox Supper Club Owner
Mr. BusinessBuilder has significantly boosted our digital presence at Rancho Verde RV Park. Their website development and maintenance services are outstanding, complemented by reliable hosting. Quick and accurate responses to our needs stand out, offering great value at competitive prices. Highly recommended for professional digital solutions.
Sharon Pratt
Rancho Verde RV Park General Manager

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