You Can’t Fix It If You Don’t Know What Is Being Said

Why is Managing Your Businesses Online Reputation Important?

No Longer Can You Dismiss what buyers are saying about their experience with you—the number of consumers who view your buyer comments is too large to dismiss. The comments of dissatisfied buyers yield grim consequences for your business in the long run.

Rating and Reviews from buyers about their experience with your business is a high-tech reflection on the reputation of your business, negative or positive. As a business owner or manager, you must pay attention to what is being said by your buyers about you and your business across the numerous review sites available on the Internet.

Back in The Day word-of-mouth advertising consisted of a person telling a friend or family member about an experience that they had with your business. Today, with the advent of online rating and review sites, a person writes about their experience with your business and it’s available for anyone and everyone to see on the Internet.

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