Getting Started

Our coaching process is somewhat unusual. Our mission is to help successful small business leaders get even better. Better at achieving convincing marketing and sales results. We work with clients who are key stakeholders within their business. We only work with stakeholders who have a rock-solid commitment to their business and take full responsibility for their personal learning. We are very selective in choosing clients.

Collecting Information

We conduct one-on-one confidential business interviews with pre-selected stakeholders. We listen carefully, so together, we can identify, interpret, and present a personal coaching plan that is results oriented.

Research on behavior change is clear. When stakeholders set their path, get new information and feedback, follow-up, and involve co-stakeholders in their learning process, they get results. If they don’t follow-up and involve their co-stakeholders, they usually don’t improve.

It’s Not About the Coach

We don’t hold ourselves up as “coach as expert”. We are much more “coach as facilitator”. Stakeholders learn about key marketing and sales methods (online and one-on-one) that when studied and applied generate positive results. As part of the coaching process stakeholders engage in weekly marketing instruction that is designed to move them toward their stated objective.

We know our coaching process is somewhat unusual because we get paid after the stakeholder gets results! “Results” are not defined by us, but by the stakeholder. In short, we are results-oriented. If you do not reach your desired result, then we’re not compensated. No Results; No Fee, that simple. We do our best to provide help when needed and assist in keeping stakeholders on the course that they’ve chosen.

It’s About Discipline and Application

Every business owner wants a successful business; but, building a successful business requires effort, planning, and a proven and tested process. Our program requires you to APPLY the information we teach. That’s because information without application is worthless. When you take the information we offer and apply it directly to your business, you will begin to see immediate and impressive results.

We are here to help you gain traction, to get you out of a financial hole if you’re in one, and to help you regain the momentum you may have lost in your business. But you must be disciplined to make it work. If you are disciplined, and ready to learn and apply our essential marketing and sales growth fundamentals, then we’ll guide you every step of the way.